For My Belove Person :))

from: Nur Afiqah Binti Adnan
To: My MA :))

Please let me know what your feeling toward me . if you do not love me, just forget about me and find a better person than I am to pleaseyou. and you will be happy with who you choose. and you will melupakan me, if youhave been to one. right? I am sure you will forget me one day. do you believe me, O my belove person. arrived here only person belove order to me:)

A, I know you love me, I know you miss me all the time, I know you love me alone.nothing else for you. I wax it all. when I was last in your class, the difference with thecrew, must you will then scolds me. betol altogether for me. for you, how? it all dependson you:) I'm not complaining.

ok readers of my blog, just post up here. See you tomorrow. kbaii,

I can smile, when you make me happy like the picture. I may be sad, when you destroymy liver. I can not remember the chuckle sapai world, if you do close my joke. that allhave inside of each. no man better than God. we are all more or less the same. onlypeople who think only of her great great budget budget. it all went dead. I do not need itall, which I only just perllukan, M ******** A ***** that I need.

Enjoy your life , Much Love :*